How to Swing A Golf Club

How Do You Swing a Golf Club?

The swing is the most important part of your golf game, but how do you swing a golf club correctly in the first place? Many beginners may find themselves confused by the number of different swings taught by many professional golfing instructors. The fundamentals of how to swing a golf club correctly are the same, however.


Proper posture is the key to improving your golf swing. Without a good, consistent posture, you can’t remain balanced throughout your swing. Slightly flex your knees and bend forward from the hips at about a 30 degree angle to the ball. This should feel both natural and comfortable for most people. Your weight should feel centered on both of your feet, allowing you to turn easily while remaining balanced.

Shoulder Coil

The shoulder coil ensures that you do not have to lock your elbows when beginning your backswing. Begin instead by turning your shoulders slightly; this will allow your arms to remain relaxed while automatically staying straight. Coil your shoulders enough that your arms stay straight up to the point where they’re waist-high, and you’ll create a powerful swing.


Once you’ve properly coiled, your elbow of the right or left arm (depending on which hand you use) will bend. This causes your wrists to cock, forming an “L” between the non-dominant forearm and the shaft of your golf club. This will occur when your hands are at shoulder height. This places your hands in a position where they will not have to move very much in order to reach the top of your golf swing.


Finally, you’re ready to unwind your body to swing straight through the ball. Remember, in golf your swing doesn’t stop after the ball is hit; instead you swing powerfully, as if the club is going to pass straight through the ball and continue on. Keep your grip on the club firm but relaxed, turn your chest to face your target, and finish in a position that is as balanced as when you started.

By following the advice laid out in each of the sections above, you should be able to master how to swing a golf club correctly. Of course, if you’re not a beginner, working on each of those sections individually should help you improve your golf swing considerably, increasing the power of your sing and lowering your handicap in no time. For even more help on learning how master your swing, consider viewing one of our many Break 80 Today streaming videos or DVDs. These videos offer professional instruction that will allow you to practice your swing fundamentals from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule.

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