Single Plane Golf Swing Trainer

Developing a Proper Golf Swing Plane

When it comes to a great golf swing, it’s very important that you develop a one-plane golf swing. Many beginners find this to be difficult, which is why there are so many golf swing-plane trainers available out there. At Break 80 Today, we have worked with professional golf instructors to develop a number of training videos that will help you master both the basics of golf swing fundamentals as well as how to maintain a proper golf swing plane.

Full Swing Training

Our Full Swing Training DVD has been created by professional golfer Jack Moorehouse in order to help you master your basic golf swing elements. This DVD is specifically designed to address all the full shots you take during a round.  Here’s an outline of the specific sections we’ll cover:

•    Grip
•    Setup
•    Alignment
•    Backswing
•    Top of Backswing
•    Downswing
•    Impact
•    Follow-Through
•    Uneven Lies
•    Faults & Cures

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to perfecting other areas of your game, or continue to work on improving your swing plane with his Full Swing DVD.

Swing Plane DVD

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to get a handle on your swing plane. Mastering the proper swing plane is the key to lowering your golf handicap and having true power in your shot. This golf swing plane trainer DVD is broken down into eight lessons in order to help you break bad swing habits and develop a proper golf swing plane.

•    What you’re doing wrong and how to fix it
•    Critical importance of posture
•    Keeping your chin up
•    Difference between two-plane and one-plane swings
•    Which article of clothing tells you where to point your club
•    Why what you can’t see is most important
•    Why not copy someone else’s swing
•    The significance of three o’clock, and more tips

After practicing with this DVD, you will have developed an amazing golf swing plane that will eliminate thin and fat shots, as well as help you add power to each of your shots for those longer drives. Most professional instructors would charge as much as $100 per each of these lessons; why not save yourself time and money by buying this amazing DVD instead?

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