Golf Swing Tips

You Won’t Believe How Fast These Tips Can Improve Your Golf Swing

In the beginning, constructing a proper golf swing can be really difficult. In addition to learning all of the rules, clubs, and lingo, you also have to learn the proper way to hold the clubs, stance, and swing. Figuring out the best way to construct your golf swing is one of the most difficult things you’ll learn as a golfer. Many players spend years working to improve their swing dynamics. These golf swing tips are excellent for beginners and long-time players alike, and will help you improve your swing, lower your handicap, and improve your score.

Tip #1 – The Setup

Your body needs to be able to move freely throughout your swing, which means beginning from a balanced position. Your weight should be distributed evenly in the middles of your feet. Keep your hips back, with your spine angled slightly toward your golf ball, and keep your knees slightly flexed. This ensures a proper posture and stability.

Tip #2 –The Drills

One of the best ways to improve your game is by completing these simple golf swing drills: 1. The Bowler – This drills your set up stance. Imagine you are stepping up to bowl, with your hips back, body slightly forward, and your knees bent. As you step forward, you shouldn’t have to re-balance at all. The same will be true of your stance. 2. The Quarterback – This helps to drill your swing. When a quarterback throws, his hands and arms pull his torso in the same direction as the throw. The same will be true of your golf swing. 3. The Basketball – When a basketball player conducts a bounce pass, he rotates his arms clockwise in order to move the ball toward the inside. This will happen in your golf swing as well.

Tip #3 – The Finish

While most players are aware of the importance of a proper follow-through, few pay attention to the finish. One your body has rotated, and your arms are behind your head at the end of your follow through, there are several things you need to be aware of. First, your body weight should have shifted to the back of your left foot, and your shoulders should be turned more than your hips at this point. You should remain just as comfortably balanced as you were during the setup.

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