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Golf Swing Fundamentals for Beginners

The first step of learning any game is mastering the fundamentals. Golf is no different. For beginning golfers, mastering swing fundamentals is one of the most important parts of learning how to play the game. There are a lot of things that must be kept in mind; from gripping correctly, to having a proper backswing and downswing, the fundamentals are important for mastering the art of the one plane golf swing.

Stance and Posture

Having a proper stance and posture is essential to mastering your golf swing and to making good contact with the ball. Keep your knees flexed, arms hanging down in a natural way. Your spine should be angled away from your target position, and your weight should be balanced in the center of both feet. Your shoulders should also be relaxed; too much tension at the beginning of your swing can reduce its power.


When gripping you club, it is important that your grip remains comfortable enough that your hands can easily work together. Keep both your fingers and your hands as close together as possible while remaining comfortable. There are a number of popular grips you could choose from: the interlocking grip is popular with famous golfers such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.


Once you’ve mastered your stance and grip, the next step is working developing the fundamentals of your one plane golf swing. The first step is mastering the backswing, which is critical to hitting the ball. Allow your shoulders and hands to move back as a single unit, as though the club is a part of your left arm. Then, on the downswing, shift your weight forward from your right to your left foot. Keep your swing smooth and balanced throughout. Remember, you’re swinging as though the club is going to pass straight through the ball. This keeps your club moving on a single plane, without wobbling back and forth, and will preserve your aim and power throughout the stroke. These one plane golf swing fundamentals are essential to reducing your handicap and raising your score.

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