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How to Determine Your Golf Handicap

Calculating your golf handicap can be one of the more difficult aspects of playing the game. While most golfers choose to ignore this score, if you intend to participate in tournament play, knowing and understanding golf handicaps and their calculation is incredibly important. Today, there are generally two ways to calculate your golf handicap.

Method 1: Do the Math

The first method of calculating your golf handicap is to simply use the correct formula to calculate your handicap. This is done using at least five golf scores. You’ll need to use your adjusted gross scores, and it will be necessary for you to know the USGA course and slope ratings for the courses you’ve played. Then, you’ll need to determine your handicap differential for every score that you’re planning to enter by subtracting your score from the course rating, and then multiplying that result by 113. You will then divide that result by the slope rating of the course.

Next, you’ll need to determine the number of differentials you’ll be using. You won’t use each differential you’ve calculated; if you’re only entering five rounds, you’ll only use the lowest. If you choose to enter 20 rounds, you’ll use your 10 lowest, and so on. Finally, in the last step you’ll average your differentials and multiply that result by 96 percent, dropping all the digits following tenths. This will be your handicap score.

Method 2: Use a Handicap Calculator

Of course, there are easier ways to find out your golf handicap than using the golf handicap formula yourself. Our golf handicap calculator will help you determine your score with just the press of a single button. There is no need to sit down and try to do all of the mental legwork; just enter your five scores, and our program will calculate your golf handicap for you in a matter of seconds. No pen and paper required! You may have seen other sites offering golf handicap lookup, but they can be unreliable at best. Our golf handicap calculator uses the correct formula to automatically turn your scores into a useable golf handicap for tournament play across the country and around the world. Why not use our easy shortcut?