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Which do you work on more—swing mechanics or course management? If you’re like many weekend golfers, you probably focus on swing mechanics more than course management. Some say swing mechanics are more critical than course management. Others say that course management is more critical. Truth be told, there are many sides to golf not just these two. You need to master as many as you can. Otherwise, you won’t cut […]

For any and all future world class golfers out there, do not let the competition get to you or your newbie skills scare you away. Golf is a time consuming sport that takes patience, good judgment, and a little bit of natural skill. Practice makes perfect and sometimes the best place to practice is in your own backyard with a golf training DVD. What do golf training DVD’s include? Golf […]

In 2007 Padraig Harrington beat Sergio Garcia in a four-hole playoff to win the British Open. It was a remarkable win.   Harrington came from 6 strokes down in the final round to defeat Garcia without making a single swing change.   Harrington credits his victory largely to change in his mental game fostered by Dr. Robert Rotella—one of the world’s top sports psychologist and performance coaches.   Author of […]