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Best golf DVD for beginners
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Best Golf DVD for Beginners – Don’t Let Poor Form Hold You Back Any Longer. Break 80 Today!

Golf, as they say, is a game that you can learn in an hour but takes a lifetime to master. In addition to the rules of the game, there are tips and tricks to developing a proper golf swing, achieving greater power and distance, and more. That’s why we’ve created the Break 80 Today website; to help both new and experienced golfers improve their swing, lower their handicap, and achieve greater enjoyment from the game.

Lessons for Beginners - Best Golf DVD for Beginners

Our Break 80 Today Fast Track lesson plan will change the way you view online golf lessons for beginners and experienced players alike. Not only does this program offer you lessons on how to use the equipment, you’ll also receive more advanced information like how to fade and draw the ball at will. Each month you’ll receive a new lesson that focuses on a specific part of the game, and you’ll be given a combination of DVD clips, written information, practice drills, and worksheets that will help you improve your golf scores quickly.

Golf Swing Training Aids

Still feel like your swing could use some work? Our golf swing plane training aids are some of the best you’ll find online today. We offer both streaming video and some of the best golf instruction DVDs for you to choose from. Each of these products has been created by a professional golfer in order to help you develop the one plane golf swing fundamentals that will help you stay balanced and powerful right through the finish. Our golf swing tips for beginners will help even the most inexperienced golfer raise their scores quickly while our golf swing drills are excellent for helping more experienced players break bad habits.

Handicap Tracker

Calculating your golf handicap is one of the most difficult and cumbersome parts of the game. Many players don’t even bother with this aspect, unless they’re hoping to engage in tournament play, but we’ve found that keeping track of how your golf handicap improves can help you see how your game has improved over time. Our handicap tracker eliminates the need for you to do the math and will calculate and track your golf performance over time. All you need is five scores to begin, though our tracker will accept a total of 20 scores.

Tips and Tricks

Best golf DVD for beginners and we’ve partnered with professional golfers in order to ensure you have access to all of the best tips and tricks to improve your golf game immediately. From how to add distance to your shot, to tips for keeping your back from hurting as you near the end of a game, this helpful advice from golf pros can not only improve your game, but increase your enjoyment of it as well. We even have tips and tricks that will help your putting – which is arguably the most important part of scoring well on the golf course. There’s a reason why thousands of golfers have used the Break 80 Today website; these are just a few of them. Check out our products and services for yourself and learn how you can Break 80 Today by buying best golf DVD for beginners!